Listed Urban lifestyles some strategies I use to continue to feel good. It is my middle way.”

  1. Greens before coffee

What I crave first is a cup of coffee in the morning This first cup of coffee definitely has my mind working and, like many other people, I do some of my most efficient and imaginative job at AM. But caffeine jolts will make my stomach acidic early in the morning and give me energy. Every morning I began to drink green juice. In the room temperature water with the splash of juice I use ALOHA, a fresh green powder. And I eat banana. I eat banana. I will then wait for ten minutes to correct my caffeine. But the excitement is much better and my stomach is not smoking. I get the caffeine buzz yet.

  1. No phone at the gym

Training is evident. Men are puppies and we like to catch balls at the top. My jam is tennis. It’s extremely meditative to strike the soft yellow ball. The ball is everything I thought about. I go to the gym, especially in the winter, when I can’t follow a ball. But my phone I Cannot bring. For email checks I have another 17 hours a day. The gym is a time for sweating, thinking, listening to music and running free. I am still surprised that people want their songs between curls. Leave home with the telephone. Or purchase a telephone of 20 pounds.

  1. Walk while you work

Sitting is one of contemporary urban life’s worst byproducts. For your back and bloodstream it is bad. I’m taking on my foot all my calls. Maybe I only burn 300 calories everyday, but I’m running, particularly. I’ve got a permanent desk, too.

  1. Hydrate or die

The biggest thing is a huge voyage. From big mason jars, I drink. Only position a post on the desk saying “drink water or have the feeling of crap.”

  1. Drink early

It was a weekend trick for elderly parents — a noise of the afternoon. There are still scooters at 4 pm . On weekends. During the week, you stop drinking at 7:30 whether you’re at home or at a company party. This helps you to handle your body before you go to bed. Drunk to bed, especially in your 40s, is bad. The next day, you get dehydrated and cannot sleep well.

Thank you for your time!

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