alt="Urban Design Projects"

Strong urban design provides significant community benefits, better quality of life, safer and more secure cities, and greater ability to function as a society. It gives each city a unique sense of identity and outlines it to be more responsive to different climatic, economic or economic variables. Regardless of the size of a city or project, urban design is involved in achieving results that create better built environments and ways of living overall. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the best Urban design projects.

alt="Urban Design Projects"

Campus for living cities

A new zero-emission student hub at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, with housing, sports and arts facilities, and a laboratory for sustainability research projects – will use a passive design to reduce energy use. Outside, the walls will be covered in holes to create habitats for plants and animals.

alt="Urban Design Projects"

The Element of Surprise – Madrid Rio Project

Urban designs that have the power to amaze me every time I find them particularly attractive. A great design has the power to surprise you again and again. This is the case with the Madrid Rio design, a large project in terms of scale, but each of its smaller parts is very relevant. Pedestrian bridges, parks, pine trees, hierarchies of spaces, and a variety of elevations are some of the diverse experiences this design has to offer. And while the scale is large, designers have thought about the special details that make these places amazing, no matter how many times you’ve met them.

alt="Urban Design Projects"

Place La République

Paris has recently become a leading city in promoting user-friendly locations. In this project, we will focus on how one of the most prominent and special places in the city was transformed into a wonderful place. With very little intervention and with a strong attention to detail, the place is now a place of the people – a great class that offers increased opportunities for Parisians and tourists to enjoy activity and life.

alt="Urban Design Projects"

Recipe for future living

On vacant land in an industrial area in Oslo, the new housing and commercial space will be carbon neutral. Building materials will be recycled from the construction industry, reducing emissions by 90%. Half of the site will be used for green space, including greenhouses. The site will also host a start-up accelerator for climate entrepreneurs.

alt="Urban Design Projects"


Mariahilferstrasse is shown to be the best example of how an urban design can be made inclusive. From a place that left no room for pedestrians, it became a place that includes both vehicles and people in a common area of ​​shared space. Users in the field contributed to the design process by delivering and sharing ideas.

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